Our Companies

Bear Creek Group is a strategic and reliable project partner. Working together, our companies are capable of delivering services during all aspects of a project – from conception and pre-construction to project completion. With our progressive yet measured approach, we effectively anticipate and mitigate risk throughout each stage of project planning, execution, and completion.

From Prince Rupert to Newfoundland, Bear Creek Group companies lead and contribute to projects Canada-wide. We emphasize safety and production, and work closely with our clients to maximize stakeholder value.

Bear Creek Contracting Logo

Bear Creek Contracting is multi-service company with over 50 years’ experience in multiple construction sectors. Our loyal and skilled management team and employees excel in large, complex projects, and in rugged and remote terrain.

Safe and professional business practices enable Bear Creek Contracting to foresee and resolve challenges quickly and effectively while keeping projects safe, on time, and on budget.

As part of the Bear Creek Group of companies, Bear Creek Contracting has access to marine, highway transport and helicopter services. As a result, we provide a complete service offering from project inception to completion.

We are also an authorized dealer of Big Steel Box® container product for intermodal transport and storage.

Bear Creek Contracting has experience in successfully executing projects in the following sectors:

  • Earthworks
  • Water Management
  • Commercial construction
  • Drilling & Blasting
  • Road & Bridge Construction
  • Crushing
  • Site Reclamation
  • Concrete & Form Work
  • Expediting Services
  • Hydro Seeding
  • Underground Utilities
  • Site Clearing
  • Onsite Safety & First Aid


North West Vac Truck Services Logo

Through North West Vac Truck Services, Bear Creek offers remediation services including hydro-excavation, daylighting, pressure washing and vacuum services.

We are also licensed to transport hazardous and contaminated waste materials, and offer emergency response support.

In our home base of Northwest BC, North West Vac Truck Services has the largest capacity hydro-vac units in the region. Our units have two tanks – one for water and one for waste. They also have a high-pressure wash system, an overhead boom to maneuver hoses, and a boiler to prevent freezing in the winter.

Spring Creek Aggregates Logo

Spring Creek Aggregates, based in Terrace, BC, Canada, has been in business for over 30 years. We offer a variety of high quality aggregate products for marine and land development. We crush and size our products based on our clients’ requirements, and deliver year-round.

Spring Creek has five diverse aggregate pits throughout Northwest BC, and more than three million cubic metres of developed reserves.

Prince Rupert Aggregates Logo

Prince Rupert Aggregates is a division of Spring Creek Aggregates. With access to Spring Creek’s five aggregate pits and extensive reserves, we serve businesses in and around Prince Rupert, BC, Canada, near the pacific west coast.

Similar to Spring Creek Aggregates, we offer a variety of high quality aggregate products for marine and land development, crushed and sized based on our clients’ requirements. We also deliver year-round.


Ready at a moment’s notice, Ron King Trucking specializes in safely and efficiently accessing rugged and remote areas. We effectively manage all transportation challenges including over-dimensional and overweight hauls.

We are also also have a licensed to transport hazardous and contaminated waste material.

Lakelse Air Logo

With a reputation for speed, safety and agility, Lakelse Air is one of the largest and most called upon aviation companies in Northern British Columbia. We currently have 14 helicopters and five bases throughout the region.

Lakelse Air is well-known for its precision long-line services. Our biggest clients are in the mining and geo-technical industries though we service a number of industries and offer a range of services:

  • Power line and heavy lift aerial construction
  • Mining
  • Seismic and technical
  • Heli-logging
  • Environmental support
  • Wildfire-fighting
  • Search and rescue
  • Emergency medical services
  • Charter flights

The majority of Lakelse Air’s work has been in Western Canada and the Arctic, where conditions are tough and jobs are remote.

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