Our History

Bear Creek Group endeavours to continuously adapt and improve in response to ever-changing market conditions and industry standards. The company aims to provide value-added solutions to clients, and be an industry leader in health, safety, and environmental.

Incorporated in 1965, Bear Creek has grown significantly from its origins of a family run logging company. Decades ago, as the forestry industry and market conditions changed, owner Ian Munson recognized an opportunity to provide a more diverse service offering to Bear Creek’s clients.

With bold foresight and vision, Ian focused on offering packaged services with better value. As a result, he added Ron King Trucking and Lakelse Air to the Bear Creek Group of Companies, ultimately offering air, road and marine transportation services to complement Bear Creek’s logging operations.

As Canada’s forestry industry became vulnerable, so did Bear Creek. Ian therefore guided the company through another evolution, expanding the group of companies’ services once again to meet the demands of a changing economy. With significant investment in training and equipment in the 2000s, Bear Creek successfully shifted to focus on road building and construction.

Starting in 2012, in response to another major shift in Western Canada’s economy –  a high demand for heavy construction services on major projects – Bear Creek spearheaded another significant expansion. Northwest Vac Truck Services, Spring Creek Aggregates and Prince Rupert Aggregates were added to the Group and we’ve invested substantially in new equipment and technology. In the last decade, the capacity and number of Bear Creek staff and management has grown significantly.

Northern British Columbia’s and Canada’s economy are forever shifting and Bear Creek will continue to evolve and shift with it. Working in unison, the diversified suite of Bear Creek companies will continue its unyielding drive to build the future, one project at a time.

Let’s work together.