Our Partners

Bear Creek Group believes in collaboration. We strive to partner with local communities and governments, as well as like-minded organizations in different industries. These partnerships deepen our local knowledge, strengthen the services we offer our clients, and enable us to give back in a meaningful way to local communities. They also lead to better, more beneficial and culturally appropriate decisions and outcomes in terms of project development and execution.

Our First Nations business partners offer specialized regional knowledge and experience. Our combined contribution to projects over the years has been key to providing maximum value with minimal impact.

Through our partnerships, Bear Creek also increases local capacity by training workers who are new to the field and local apprentices.

Bear Creek has developed many strong working relationships with diverse partners over the years and are always open to developing new relationships.


The Tahltan Nation Development Corporation (TNDC) is a business corporation owned by the Tahltan Band, Iskut Band and the Tahltan Central Council. The Tahltan Territory is in Northern British Columbia, close to the Yukon border, in Canada.

TNDC was established in 1985 to enable the Tahltan Nation to fully participate in the economic activities and development occurring within Tahltan traditional territory. The corporation aims to provide employment, training and contracting opportunities to Tahltan members.

For more info visit tndc.ca.


Qooluun Ventures Inc. is a Haisla-owned business in the Haisla village of Kitamaat in Northwest British Columbia, on the Pacific West Coast.

Qooluun believes in and facilitates mutually beneficial relationships between industry proponents and the Haisla people by partnering with and providing services to businesses and industry in the region. The company embraces challenges and excels at finding innovative solutions.

Qooluun provides a range of services in construction, transportation, security, marine response, environmental services, crane and heavy haul, electrical contracting and aboriginal human resources.

For more info visit qooluun.ca.



Gingolx Enterprises LTD. is  located in the Nisga’a First Nations Village of Gingolx, located about 100 kms north of Terrace in Northwest BC.

GEL’s mandate is to capitalize on economic opportunities for the purpose of establishing a diversified and sustainable economy in Gingolx and Nisga’a. The company’s goals include the creation of wealth, capacity, employment, and training and business opportunities within Gingolx.

For more info visit geldev.ca.

Let’s work together.