Client: Rokstad
Owner: Pretium Resources
Location: Stewart, BC
Role: Sub-Contractor
Timeline: March 2016 – September 2016

The Bear Creek Group completed the civil works for the Brucejack Transmission Project in Northwest British Columbia. Considered to be one of the most difficult transmission lines constructed in Canada, it showcased the Bear Creek Groups full potential as a civil contractor.

The line begins at the Long Lake substation, located approximately 30 km north of Stewart BC, It consists of 158 tower locations spanning over a 55 km stretch of very rocky, high altitude terrain. The highest tower is located at over 6000′. The entire project is only accessible by helicopter which posed issues with weather and winds. The termination point of the transmission line is Pretium Resources new Brucejack Mine.

With the wide variety of business in the Bear Creek Group, the majority of the foundation sites were created exclusively by the groups in-house services.

These services consisted of clearing and grubbing, drilling prep for filcrete placement, steel cage construction and forms for concrete foundations, rock anchor drilling and grouting, pull testing of rock anchors and final bolting of hardware for steel donuts before tower placement and line

  • Clearing and grubbing
  • Drilling prep for filcrete placement
  • Steel cage construction and forms for concrete foundations
  • Rock anchor drilling and grouting
  • Pull testing of rock anchors
  • Final bolting of hardware for steel donuts before tower placement

North West British Columbia – approximately 30 km North of Stewart BC

Brucejack Transmission

Fairview port expansion

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