Capilano Subdivision


Client: Kerr Wood Leidal Consulting
Owner: Squamish Nation
Location: Squamish, BC
Role: Prime Contractor
Timeline: May 2017 – November 2017

Bear Creek Group was awarded the 2.1 million dollar development contract for a parcel of land in the Capilano Reserve subdivision located in Vancouver, BC.  Bear Creek hauled equipment and crews down to Vancouver to begin their much anticipated work developing the land. The project included grubbing, earthworks, shallow utility installation, watermain, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, 30 individual lot services, gravel/ashphalt road structures and curb/gutter installation.

Crews began their work clearing and grubbing the site. After clearing activities, work continued with on-site servicing. Water, sewer and drainage systems were installed. Sub-contractors were utilized for paving and electrical works.




Vancouver, BC

Capilano Subdivision

Capilano Subdivision

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