Kincolith Fish Habitat Channel


Client: Nisga’a Fisheries
Owner: Nisga’a Lislims Government
Location: Kincolith, BC
Role: Prime Contractor
Timeline: Summer 2017


Bear Creek Contracting-Gel Partnership completed work in conjunction with Northwest Hydraulic Consultants and LGL Biologists to improve as well as enhance the Chum Spawning Channel. The work will greatly improve the ability of the Chum to survive by ensuring a constant water supply to the spawning beds.

The work entailed some grubbing along the existing channel, creek excavation, pond building and Riprap work. There were 2 excavators and 2 rock trucks operational onsite working on a schedule that coincided with the tides. Bear Creek did their best to reduce the noise to neighboring residences by respecting a 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM work window.

Environmental challenges were a large concern while working on the job site. The Bear Creek team managed these highly sensitive areas with experience, knowledge and teamwork to minimize any impact of the environment.




North West British Columbia – approximately 30 km North of Stewart BC


Kincolith Fish Habitat

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