Tidal Coast Terminals


Client: Tidal Terminals
Owner: Tidal Transport & Trading Ltd
Location: Prince Rupert, BC
Role: Prime Contractor
Timeline: Ongoing

Bear Creek Contracting Ltd. has an ongoing contract with Tidal Transport & Trading Ltd. to operate the dynamic Tidal Coast Terminal, a log and lumber commodity and handling facility. Located in the Prince Rupert Industrial Park, the terminal is well positioned near the new Prince Rupert container port.

  • 100 tonne log bundle de-watering crane
  • Log/ Lumber stuffing services (receive inbound commodity, and deliver to local container port)
  • Ministy of Foresty certified Coastal and Interior log Scalers
  • Paved storage
  • Paved lay down areas
  • Warehouse storage
  • Deep water access to receive barge deliveries to land
  • Certified truck weigh scale (8 axle truck length capacity)

Tidal Coast Terminals

Fairview port expansion

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