Bay d‘Espoir Transmission Line


Client: Forbes Brother Ltd
Owner: Newfoundland Hydro
Location: Bay d’Espoir, Newfoundland
Role: Sub-Contractor
Timeline: November 2016 – August 2017

Bear Creek was the lead sub-contractor performing grillage installation for the Bay d’Espoir

Transmission Line 267 Project in Newfoundland. The project was broken into an East Section and a West Section, with Bear Creek being brought onboard to assist with the East, and complete the West portion which comprised of 189 towers, spanning approximately 85km. The line began at the gantry end of the project in the Bay d’Espoir, with Bear Creeks portion of the project extending all the way to Long Harbour River.

Bear Creek mobilized to site in Newfoundland from Terrace, BC with over 45 pieces of equipment and a crew of up to 85, with equipment and manpower on the ground working just 2 weeks from the go ahead being given. Bear Creek was able to overcome the logistical difficulties of distance, time difference, unfamiliar ground conditions and Isolation from services to successfully complete the project on time and on budget.



Bay d’Espoir Newfoundland

Bay d’Espoir Newfoundland

Bay d’Espoir Newfoundland

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